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About Karen Kapnick

Karen Kapnick--Executive Producer of Kreative Konnection. Kreative Konnection specializes in media communications and creating content for corporations and PR agencies. This includes Broadcast/Digital Video Production, TV and Radio Media Tours, Global Webcasting and many other types of specific programming and distribution. Kreative Konnection takes the unique approach of blending storytelling with key messages to create a compelling and impactful story. We will customize the right blend of both earned and paid placements to ensure your story reaches your audience. Clients include organizations from the Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Lifestyle, Packaged Foods industry and more. Please contact for more information and case studies.

Kapnick has a background in TV production. She got her start as an intern for "Siskel and Ebert" and worked on as a producer for various film and TV projects in Chicago. In 2001, she relocated to New York City. Before starting Kreative Konnection in 2004, she worked at Medialink Worldwide, and the CBS Media Group.
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