Kreative Konnection Services and Capabilities

Why Kreative Konnection?

When you consider Kreative Konnection as a partner in your next broadcast communications project, you can be confident that your team will receive consistent straightforward advice from concept development through distribution and impressions reporting.

There are several other differentiators that separate us from our competitors:

Kreative Konnection Gold Standard of Production

Who better to tell your story than the people who know news--news NOW, as the media landscape is constantly changing. The Kreative Konnection team always works with a high caliber of news professionals. Some production teams often have limited news experience or haven't actually worked in a newsroom. Our team always has producers and crew who work in the field and know how to produce a story that will get airtime.

We have the stability, reliability and resources of a large company yet the agility and flexibility to assemble project teams that give you the very best cost effective results. You are never stuck with a mediocre, unmotivated producer or crew just because they are on salary--we use freelance professionals who often specialize in key areas that tie-in directly to your product service or client's needs. They are motivated to produce results and must prove themselves on each and every project. As a result, we are able to quickly mobilize not just a team--the RIGHT team-for your project.

Competitive Pricing Based on Economics of Sale

Kreative Konnection has access and connections to crews both nationally and internationally--which helps save money on travel costs. Crews that are instantly mobilized to work for you.

  • We specially formulate just the right team for each story based on expertise and subject matter. This just-in-time approach saves you money and ensures you always get the best outcome.
  • We have ongoing relationships with a wide network of producers. These are not junior-level people breaking into the business but seasoned news professionals.
  • Pitching/Placement --we work with professionals who specialize in subject matter, have the right contacts at outlets across the country and who know the difference between just notifying a producer of satellite coordinates and actually pitching the story. Our placement teams are trained to help outlets see that we are providing "news you can use" for their viewers.

CBS Newspath and CNN Newsource/Pathfire

CBS Newspath is a daily dedicated satellite news feed from CBS Network to all CBS affiliate stations around the country. As a former consultant for The CBS Media Group, We have the inside track when providing your story to their affiliates. We also distribute your video via Pathfire -- a digital distribution newsfeed that is part of CNN Newsource and reaches +600 affiliates every day.

ABC and Westwood One Radio Partners

We partner with ABC Radio for placement of our Audio News Releases, that reach a guaranteed audience of 7-10 million listeners in large and medium size radio outlets across the country. We also partner with Westwood One, who is the nation's largest radio network producing and distributing national news and entertainment programming.

Recently, we developed a cross platform ANR that brings the best of the Web and traditional radio together. Your ANR is distributed to millions of users on Facebook, and to more than 1,000 radio station Web sites and Internet-only radio outlets, covering more than 160 markets (See "Social Radio" package below.



A Satellite Media Tour (SMT) is a series of booked live interviews that can be done from a studio or remote location anywhere in the country. It's a cost effective tool to get your message to targeted television stations without having to travel from city to city.

At Kreative Konnection we strive to create an SMT concept that is highly visual by using unique remote locations and spokespeople that are specifically trained to deliver your message in a 2-3 minute segment. Your message is conveyed the way you want it heard.

Our team will do everything-soup to nuts for your SMT. We start by advising you on content, can find and negotiate talent, create the set design and handle specific elements like food styling.


Online video is a video story with narration that tells a complete story. It should have simple visuals and be no more than 2 minutes in length. A b-roll package is a video story with visuals and slates--no narration. This is specifically targeted to news outlets. The visuals tell the story, so the story should be something the viewer can understand through pictures from the video.

For any pre-produced video production the Kreative Konnection team begins with conception and design and works collaboratively with the client through the visual process to ensure we have a quality video that can be cut for either broadcast distribution or for viral distribution via the internet.

Our combination of finding the right news angle, capturing quality dramatic video and using a compelling message, gets the results you are looking to achieve.

Radio Services

Radio Media Tour (RMT)

A Radio Media Tour (RMT) is a series of booked live interviews that can happen from a home office or remote location anywhere in the country. Radio is the medium that gives you the most bang for your buck--and has a target audience for everyone.

The Kreative Konnection team will arrange everything for your RMT. Typically we book many national radio outlets like CNN, Associated Press, and the American Urban Radio Network. Radio tours can originate from your client's office or home, which is convenient as well as cost efficient.

We also book 20 minutes segments on a nationally syndicated consumer program. The spokesperson interacts with the 4 hosts, many "call to action" campaigns utilize the longer segment placement.


An Audio News Release is a pre-produced, scripted :60 story. Our distribution is done with our partner ABC Radio, and we offer many different packages geared toward specific targeted audiences.

The Kreative Konnection team follows the same innovative script writing process for ANRs. We work with the client to create a story that captures your message effectively communicates your message to your audience.

Our partner ABC radio guarantees our stories will get placed, so there is no guessing about what kind of results your story will get.


We've retooled the traditional audio news release to deliver your message directly to consumers via the Web. Your ANR is distributed to millions of users on Facebook, and to more than 1,000 radio station Web sites and Internet-only radio outlets, covering more than 160 markets (and the world)—including:

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Dallas and Houston.

SOCIAL RADIO package includes:
  • A 60-second, professionally produced ANR, including scripting, narration, sound bites, and digital editing.
  • distribution to more than 1,400 Citadel (formerly ABC Radio) stations, covering 99% of the US.
  • Placement and distribution on Facebook, targeting women, 18 – 49; and to hundreds of Internet radio stations and outlets playing music formats that skew female, but also reach men.
  • Additional distribution to such major online media destinations as CBS Radio, AOL Radio, Yahoo Music, Fox News, Live 365, and
  • Audiences reached according to demographic profile, geography, time of day, or by format (music genre, news or sports.)
  • Your campaign logo or photo appears with your ANR on the Web, and links directly to your site, or to any other designated landing page.
  • Your campaign logo or photo appears with your ANR on the Web, and links directly to your site, or to any other designated landing page.
Please note: Demographic targeting for Facebook and other Internet sites can be modified to reach other audiences. Facebook placement is for 1 month. All other online sites are for 1 week. They can be extended at additional.

Minimum audience number: 7.5 million

Ultimately our team understands the creative process and provides solutions that are cost effective along with experienced team who will help you obtain your media goals.
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